How to share books with your 6 to 8 month old

How to share books with your 6 to 8 month old

Even babies can enjoy books and learn from sharing books with you. Sharing books with you little ones can help teach them to talk and get ready to listen and learn in school.

Making books a part of your baby’s bedtime routine:

Set aside a few quiet minutes with the TV off for sharing books as part of your regular bedtime routine. Regular bedtime routines started with babies help prevent future bedtime struggles. Teaching your baby how to fall asleep alone by putting him in bed awake helps prevent future night wakings.


6-8 month olds can:

  • Hold onto a book and pat the pictures.
  • Taste a book.
  • Copy some of the sounds you say and the looks on your face.
  • Pay attention to a book for a few minutes at a time.


What parents can do:

  • Find a quiet, comfortable place for book sharing.
  • Name and point to the pictures your baby shows interest in.
  • Help your baby turn pages.
  • Act out pictures using your face, hands and voice.
  • Enjoy a game of copying your baby playing with books.


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