At Studio Mostert we focus on prenatal prevention, early diagnosis and management of lactation and breastfeeding issues. We teach mothers the normal process of breastfeeding. We help diagnose and treat the mother and baby for a large variety of lactation challenges.

Breastfeeding Issues We Can Help With:

Poor/Difficult Latch
Returning to Work
Nipple Infections
Slow Weight Gain
Breast Infection
Supply Issues
Maternal Medication Management
Premature Infant
Fussy Baby
Flat or Inverted Nipples
Sore Nipples
Breast pumps


Hand Expression Video
Maximizing Your Milk Production
A Perfect Latch

Going back to work

theBoobWhisperer Blog – 7 Ways to Survive Going Back to Work

Working and Pumping – Great resource for working, pumping and making breastfeeding work in situations it wasn’t originally design for.

Kellymom – Kellymom’s page of working and pumping tips and links. Not to be missed.AAP’s Breastfeeding page

Ask Dr. Sears – Advice and facts from “America’s family of pediatricians” – A mother’s resource for information and support on how to breastfeed.

Kellymom – An excellent site with a lot of information on breastfeeding & parenting

CDC’s Breastfeeding page – Includes a Department of Health and Human Services breastfeeding hotline, breastfeeding statistics, and more.

Postpartum Depression – 10-15% of postpartum mothers suffer from debilitating depression. This is THE source for getting help and support.

Dairy Free Information – A list of dairy free “safe” foods and a list of the places dairy hides.

US Breastfeeding Committee – USBC is an independent nonprofit coalition of organizations supporting breastfeeding. Excellent resource for working mothers and laws applying to breastfeeding.

La Leche League – The definitive breastfeeding group.

Dr. Jack Newman – Canadian Pediatrician and breastfeeding medicine specialist. Site has it all.

Stanford University Breastfeeding Videos – Excellent resource for a variety of breastfeeding videos. Help with latching, hand expressing, pumping and more.

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